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Pavel Fedorov
X-GEM SAS (France)
Tailored approach to registration procedures, ability to see and understand the peculiarities of each request and organize the service provision correctly, focus on the customer.

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Many types of business activity involve mandatory legal requirements, including licensing and certification. Obtaining a license and an authority certificate is a complex process, followed by a thorough preparation of the documents with careful observance of the requirements of the legislation.

Cliff law Firm's lawyers advise you on all the issues related to obtaining a license and an authority certificate and provide full legal support.

Why choose us:

  • We have many years of experience in obtaining licenses for various industry sectors and knowledge of industry-specific peculiarities and numerous requirements as to documents, premises, equipment and personnel and can help you minimize the risk of a license application being delayed or rejected by the relevant authorities.
  • We provide comprehensive support at all stages of the licensing procedure: advise and carrying out expert examination of premises and equipment for compliance with the requirements of the licensing authority; find violations and shortcomings and provide timely recommendations as to how to remedy them; submit necessary documents and obtain the license.
  • We apply a tailored approach to each case and can provide any additional services necessary.

Our services for medical devices registration

  • Registration of medical devices in RF
  • Registration of medical devices within the EAEU
  • Amendments to registration certificates for a medical device
  • Expedited registration of medical devices
  • Audit of registration files

Our Licensing Services:

  • Advise on licensing issues
  • Review of your documents
  • Review of your premises (premises plan)
  • Full legal support to obtain a license

We can help to obtain a license for such types of business activity, as:

  • Healthcare and Pharmaceutics
    • license for medical practice
    • pharmaceutical licenses
    • license for the production and maintenance of medical equipment
    • certification
  • Restoration work
  • Education
  • Alcoholic beverages (retail)
  • All other licenses and certificates