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Kutuzovsky Prospekt, Building 36/3, office 232

Moscow, Russia


Phone: +7 (495) 504-34-61 (9:00 - 19:00 msk Nonworking - saturday, sunday)

Driving a car:

Please, do not forget to order a pass so that we could provide you with a free parking place!

  1. For entry to the territory it is necessary to order a parking place in advance (at least 40 min. before your arrival).
  2. To order a parking place you should provide us with following information:
    • the exact time of your arrival;
    • your car brand and the its number.
  • Unfortunately , it is not possible to provide you with a free parking place if you don’t report us the information about your car in advance. In case you don’t do this you can use paid parking place in the guest area.

Driving a car

На Кутузовский в областьThe junction from The Third Ring Road (TRR) to Kutuzovsky Prospekt (Avenue). Direction out of the center (route 1):

On the junction keep right and drive to a relief-road of Kutuzovsty Prospect (Avenue). You will see the territory surrounded by the black fence on your right, you should reach the 2nd entry to the territory, turn right and drive straight about 50 meters.

По Кутузовскому в областьMovement on Kutuzovsky Prospekt out of the center (route 1):

Turn right to the 1812 st., drive straight to the intersection with the Kutuzovsky passage, turn right and keep on driving. You will see the entrance to the territory with a gate-arm.

From metro station (along Kutuzovsky Prospect)

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