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Legal 500 (Международный справочник юридических компаний)

The Legal 500

Cliff Law Firm offers clients service at an international level. After undergoing comprehensive due diligence, on 1 April 2009 the firm was included in The Legal 500, an international guide to the top law firms in over 100 countries around the world.

World Link for Law (Международная ассоциация юридических фирм)

World Link for Law

In March 2009, the board of World Link for Law announced it would accept a new member, Cliff Law Firm , Moscow, Russia. World Link for Law is an international association that brings together 61 law firms in 41 countries. The goal of the association is to help lawyers develop and support international contacts and partnerships. (Ranking among law firms in the Russian market)

According to the results of the 2018 «»  ranking, the law firm Cliff entered:

  • TOP 50 largest law firms by the number of lawyers (16-18th place)
  • TOP 50 largest law firms in terms of revenue per lawyer (28th place)
  • TOP-50 largest law firms in terms of revenue (40th place)

Cliff Law Firm has claimed top positions in legal sectors:

  • «Tax Law and Tax Disputes»;
  • «Commercial Real Estate / Construction».

RAEX - Эксперт РА (Независимое рейтинговое агенство)

Expert RA

Based on 2008, 2010 and 2013 results, Cliff Law Firm was one of the 100 largest consulting companies in Russia according to data from the independent rating agency Expert RA.

Издательский дом Коммерсантъ

Kommersant Publishing House

Based on 2010 results, Cliff Law Firm was one of the 100 largest law firms in Russia according to a rating from Kommersant Publishing House.

Финско-российская торговая палата

Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce

As of 1 August 2012, Cliff Law Firm joined the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce.

Ассоциация Электронных Торговых Площадок

Association of Electronic Trading Platforms

Since April 2014, Cliff Law Firm has been a regional partner of the Association of Electronic Trading Platforms.

AmCham Russia

Since of July 2017, Cliff Law Firm joined American Chamber of Commerce in Russia.

Confindustria Russia

Since of May 2018, Cliff Law Firm joined «Confindustria Russia».

Российский комитет по инвестициям и поддержке предпринимательства (РКИПП)

Russian Committee on Investment and Support for Entrepreneurship (RKIPP)

Cliff Law Firm is 33rd among recommended companies in the section “Law Firms/Legal Support" according to the Russian Committee on Investment and Support for Entrepreneurship (RKIPP)

World Tax Transfer Pricing 2018

Cliff Legal Service Law firm's  International Tax Planning Department has received recognition of the international rating World Tax in the field of transfer pricing

Cliff Law Firm has participated in ratings and business studies since 2005. By disclosing information about our activities, the number of employees, annual turnover and revenue, we demonstrate our transparency and ability to serve clients in Russia and abroad. By strengthening our reputation in the legal services and consulting market, we work to expand our circle of potential clients and partners.

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