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Pavel Fedorov
X-GEM SAS (France)
Tailored approach to registration procedures, ability to see and understand the peculiarities of each request and organize the service provision correctly, focus on the customer.

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Юлия Уколова
Павел Грищенко

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Applicable laws require that, in order to obtain legal status and duly commence operations, a business must be registered as a legal entity.

We have vast hands-on experience in registration of legal entities, customized to meet our clients’ business needs.

Choose Cliff and get:

  1. legal advice from professionals with profound and comprehensive knowledge of corporate and registration laws that will help you select a legal form and codes as per the Russian Classification of Economic Activities, Products and Services (OKVED codes) in accordance with your business objectives and goals;
  2. necessary support at all stages of the registration procedure: you will have all necessary documents drafted correctly in compliance with all applicable requirements, while being involved in the registration procedure as little as possible;
  3. your documents adjusted for both your current and future business needs with account of applicable legal requirements;
  4. a choice of additional services to save your precious time: we will select a registered address and a bank for you, provide you with tax advice, and help organize and maintain proper bookkeeping.