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Cliff Law Firm Vision

Become one of Russia’s top 5 law firms by adapting to client needs and continually improving service quality and client interactions.

Development Strategy

Cliff is the 21st century law firm


  • Leadership in fast-growing, high-tech industries
  • Engaging meaningfully with client businesses, creating comprehensive services using the client’s language
  • Professional industry knowledgebase and continual improvement of service quality
  • Use of the latest technology to provide fast, high quality services and smooth client communication


  • We offer high quality professional services supported by our team’s expertise and our internal control system
  • We bring in qualified specialists for each project
  • We only offer services we can deliver, and we always deliver as promised and on time
  • Our services are based on respect for our clients, adherence to a strict code of business ethics, conscientiousness and availability
  • We give our clients well researched findings, not personal opinions

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