Majority of the foreign companies consider Russia as one of the most attractive markets.

Key problem of legal field for doing business in Russia is frequent legislation amendments.

Experts will describe the innovative legislation simplifying the foreign companies entrance to the russian market!

We invite:

- Companies planning entry to the Russian market.

1. Strategy of business opening in Russia

- Distribution vs Self-owned office;

- Accreditation terms amendment.

2. Migration Rules and Regulations in Russia

- Which foreign citizens can enter Russia in 2021?

- Self-isolation rules upon arrival;

- Recommendations on attracting foreign labor;

- Electronic visas;

- Responsibilities of the inviting party and controlling procedures by the authorities.

3. Tax issues of IT-business in Russia

- Which tax benefits can be used by IT-industry in Russia now?

- Tax maneuver for IT-industry - 2021, new benefits;

- Russian and foreign software: what is the difference between two tax regimes?

- "Google tax" in Russia, how does it work?

4. Actual custom issues 2021  

- Including licensing payments to the custom value;

- Risks during direct product delivery and it`s purchase in Russia;

- New requirements to custom value justification.

Evgeny Dzhafarov – Civil department director of CLIFF Legal Services.

Svetlana Dagadina – foreign client relations leading lawyer of CLIFF Legal Services.

Natalia Kordyukova – tax practice director of CLIFF Legal Services

Aleksandr Revtuk – General director of DeLawcates.

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