List of required documents:

  • The resolution on the incorporation of an OOO, incorporation documents (articles of incorporation, memorandum) in simple written form;
  • An application for state registration of a legal entity on incorporation, a power of attorney to submit and receive documents, subject to notarization. 

IMPORTANT: All company founders are applicants for OOO registration and signatories of the application and the power of attorney. If the founder of the OOO is a legal entity (including a foreign one), then its head acts as an applicant. Verification of documents by an attorney is not allowed in this case. Notarization can be performed: 1) at a Russian notary, if the applicant(s) can be personally present in Russia; 2) at a foreign notary at the place of the applicant’s residence (in this case legalization of documents will be obligatory, unless agreements between Russia and the other country stipulate otherwise); 3) at a Russian consul in the applicant’s country of residence (in this case no further legalization is required).

  • Documents confirming the address of the location of the Russian OOO;
  • Document confirming the payment of state duty;
  • In case the founder is a foreign legal entity, an extract from the trade register or an alternative of the said document, which establishes the legal capacity of the foreign company (the document must be legalized, unless otherwise stipulated by an international agreement of the Russian Federation, and translated by a Russian translator, whose signature is certified by a Russian notary).
    1. Mandatory expenses (other than remuneration of lawyers, auditors, etc.):
  • State duty – 4,000 rubles[1];
  • Notary expenses – upwards of 4,000 rubles.
    1. Time frames:

While defining the time frames, it is very important to understand how quickly the founders (applicants) will be able to organize signing of the documents necessary for registration. The statutory time frame of the registration actions themselves may not exceed five (5) business days from the date of filing the documents for the registration (including the date of filing and issuance of documents). Additional stages of incorporation (seal making, registration with Rosstat (Russian Federal State Statistics Service), extra-budgetary funds, opening a bank account) will take about 1–2 weeks more.

The total time frame of establishment of an OOO in Russia is 10 business days and above.


[1] Approximately: EUR 45 / USD 55 

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