The Real Estate&Construction practice of Cliff Legal is one of the leading practices in the market and specializes in a variety of specific areas. Our professionals advise in complex long-term development projects, including public–private partnerships, legal due diligence of land plots and real estate objects, title registration and/or transfer, etc. We help our clients to find an appropriate and most efficient solution and navigate them through complicated matters of real estate relations.

Our team


Due Diligence

Legal expert examination of

  • Buildings
  • Structures
  • Constructions
  •  Industrial estate
  • Land plots
  • Constructions in progress
  • Investment projects
  • Concession agreements
  • Lease, sub-lease, etc.

Structuring of Transactions and Investment Projects

Structuring of transactions for alienation/acquisition of real estate items/assets, development of legal and tax models of the investment/construction project implementations.

Support of Transactions and Investment Projects

Comprehensive legal support of the transactions and investment projects, support of mutual settlements by the parties, as well as registration of title real properties rights and real estate transactions.

Contractual Support

Development, expert examination, adjustment of all types of documents, agreements, contracts, including concession agreements.


Advising, preparation of  legal opinions on complicated, non-standard issues related to land, urban development, privatization, construction legislation, on other issues in the field of land and property relations and investments.

Representation in Courts

  • Land and property disputes;
  • Representation in courts in connection with the disputes, arising out of construction;
  • Pre-trial settlement of conflict situations and support of the enforcement proceedings.

Registration of Rights

State registration of lease agreements, easements, other real asset encumbrances, registration of title to real estate items and property rights, title to land plots.

Other services

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