Bankruptcy is one of the most complex and lengthy procedures in the legal practice and requires consistent approach and teamwork. Cliff specialists will help you to avoid many mistakes and risks associated with bankruptcy, as well as minimize financial losses and optimize time costs. Comprehensive work of a team of lawyers, insolvency officer, appraisers, auditors, financiers, economists will reduce your expenses. We advise in bankruptcy proceedings, representing creditors, debtors, and bankruptcy trustees.

Our team


Our services:

  • advising on debt restructuring, liquidation and bankruptcy;
  • analysis the property and financial standing of a debtor to determine a liquidation strategy;
  • elaborating of a step-by-step plan for bankruptcy;
  • drafting and filing petitions for debtor's bankruptcy;
  • including a creditor in the register of creditor claims;
  • disputing claims made by unscrupulous creditors;
  • participating in creditors’ meetings/ committee meetings;
  • objecting to debtor’s financial standing analysis, opinions confirming absence of premeditated bankruptcy signs;
  • identifying transactions by the debtor that may be challenged on the grounds stipulated by the applicable legislation
  • reporting crimes in connection with bankruptcy proceedings to law enforcement authorities.
  • enforcing subsidiary liability claims against a debtor’s controlling parties (CEO, founders, etc.)

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