Our solid team of professionals who work in the area of the Employment  and Immigration laws comprises the lawyers with the in-house background as well as the attorneys. We advise our clients on various labour law and migration legislation issues that might arise out of their day-to-day business. We consult, draft documents, interact with the state authorities on different levels, protect our clients in courts and win the cases. The due diligence of company’s employment paperwork that our team may offer often relieves from the necessity to deal later with the lawsuits or check-ups of the relevant state authorities.

Our team


Our services:

  • Employment agreements and other relevant paperwork;
  • Salaries, benefits and bonuses;
  • Protection of confidential information;
  • Personal data protection (incl. GDPR) and compliance;
  • Migration legislation consulting and paperwork;
  • Dispute resolution, mediation services;
  • Complete Due Diligence of employment and migration paperwork;
  • Stock option plans and tailored incentive programs;
  • Other issues that appear out of the day-to-day employment relations within a company.

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